Meeting Highlights – March 9, 2012

  • Update of new features from Jon and Aaron, including improvements to the “new motion” interface, tagging, and closing motions.
  • Will be shortly implementing a deadline feature to define when motions will close.
  • Talked about the need for more engagement parameters, such as a minimum participation percentage for a vote to go through.
  • Need notifications of blocks to be emailed.
  • Continuing discussion of PledgeMe video.
  • Discussed project management and agreed to set weekly goals.
  • Talked about the idea of a coding skunkworks.
  • Joshua shared more ideas for the revenue model to help the project sustain and thrive: a consulting business set up around the free Loomio tool.
  • Ben looking into public funding and grants.
  • Continuing discussion about terminology, and the need for Loomio to be agnostic so groups can define their own terms. We want everything to be customizable if possible, but we will have to settle on defaults.
  • Immediate priorities: email notifications, closing dates, dashboard cleanup, tags, group membership and registration process, motion organization, embedding a discussion platform, subgroups within groups.

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