Consensus decision-making

I’d go on with “consensus decision-making”. Consensus sounds hippie (does it really?) just because it’s been stigmatized and misused. I feel if we change our vocabulary just because of what some people might think, we’re not on the right path to make them think different. I think we should base the vocabulary we use on what we think is most meaningful, not on how they are used in the current society, nor on a unfounded presentiment. Also, by *choosing* words for what they really *mean*, I think we can help to give sense to words. That is using the power and the truth that every word has in its essence to share ideas that are inherently strong and honest. Let’s focus on how the words we use resonate in our heart. Let’s really do it.
Nicolas, on using the word “consensus”

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Richard D. Bartlett

Loomio co-founder; open source hardware and software hacker; activist;

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