Help us start 2014 out with a Bang!

Happy New Year everyone!

Loomio has a chance to get our year off on an awesome footing. We are currently in the running for the MIX Prize Digital Freedom Challenge – a competition run by the Management Innovation Exchange (MIX) for organisations who are encouraging and providing for increased autonomy in the workplace.

Within organisations that use Loomio, employees are given a chance to actively engage in workplace decision-making. With this comes the freedom to innovate, experiment and bring a degree of creativity to their work that might not be possible within a bureaucratic hierarchical system. We’re also putting our money where our mouth is with Loomio’s horizontal management structure – we’ve never needed any bosses and never been happier without them!

Please help us get some great exposure and potentially some funding by Liking our entry – When Business met Occupy: Innovating for True Collaborative Decision-Making. You will need to log in to vote, but you can do it with Facebook and it only takes a minute. Click Like on our story to vote, and please spread the word!

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I am Water Issues Coordinator for the Saskatchewan Environmental Society - an non-profit non-goverment agency who strive towards a world in which all needs can be met in sustainable ways. I educate the public on water issues and work with governments towards better water management. On a personal level, I am passionate about environmental issues, particularly water, as it makes up 70% of my body! I love getting out and about interacting with my world in both urban and natural settings.

2 thoughts on “Help us start 2014 out with a Bang!”

  1. Happy New Year LOOMIO On Wednesday 15th Jan will be starting a LEAN, Scrum group in New Brighton with Positive Directions Trust Would like to use LOOMIO as the discussion point Will be in Contact ASAP John Kirby

    Date: Wed, 8 Jan 2014 21:13:01 +0000 To:

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