Loomio crowdfunding campaign goes live!

Our Crowdfunding campaign for Loomio 1.0 went live today! Help us build a truly inclusive platform that allows anyone, anywhere to participate in the decisions that affect their lives, by supporting our campaign here: love.loomio.org

The funding will help us build a truly inclusive platform. We have a prototype that is working well for some groups, and we have done all the research and design to make it work for all kinds of people:

  • It needs to be mobile, to include people in places where computers and internet are scarce. So we’re building a platform that works on any device, built with best in open mobile technology: Ruby on Rails, AngularJS, HTML5

  • It needs to be easy, to include all kinds of people. So we’ve designed it to be as easy to use as email, so you don’t need to be a computer geek to participate.

  • It needs to be safe, to include people discussing sensitive topics. So we’re making it really easy to set up and run your own independent version, so your privacy is entirely under your own control.

  • It needs to be accessible, to include people of all levels of ability. So we’re making it work great with screen-readers and other assistive technologies.

  • It needs to be open, to include everyone. So we’re building 100% free and open source. We’re building public infrastructure for decision-making, held in the commons.

4 thoughts on “Loomio crowdfunding campaign goes live!”

      1. Thanks for the lightning fast reply.
        Bitcons are awesome! I’ll send all my 64 Mikes your way as soon as I’m synched. Why are they
        Yet my preferred payment provider at this moment would be Paypall since I’m using an old machine with a slow connection.
        Are there any rewards when not using a creditcard? Should we ask Crowdtilt to implement wider support?

      2. You’re the greatest! It would be good if Crowdtilt offered Bitcoin integration, but for now we’ll just keep a record in a speadsheet of cryptocurrecy contributors so you can get you reward. Thanks for supporting us!

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