Loomio Featured on the Effective Decision Maker Podcast

Improving our decision making skills is one of way to improve the world that we live in. Much of the happiness, and a lot of the suffering in our world comes down to the quality of decisions that we make, and the decisions that other people make that affect us.
– Kenny Whitelaw-Jones, Managing Director at F1F9 (where he helps clients to make decisions by building better financial modelling tools)

Effective Decision Maker Podcast

The Effective Decision Maker Podcast is on a mission to save the world from making bad decisions. This week, they’ve featured Loomio, alongside Transparent Choice, an app that emphasises identifying the right criteria to use in the decisions you make. Apparently experts often fail to list the most important criteria when asked to identify what’s going into consideration for a decision!

Check out the whole podcast for an in-depth discussion about the challenges and the power of collaborative, group decision-making.

podcast player link
Click to listen!

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Co-founder of Loomio and a director of Enspiral. Developing cultural and digital technology for collaboration.

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