Crowdfunding Update: Week Two

It’s been an amazing two weeks, with support coming from all corners of the globe. Thanks to the generosity of more than 600 wonderful people, we’re nearly halfway to our goal with 3 weeks to go. It feels like we’ve got a real shot at making this happen, but we’re going to need some help to get there.



We’ve been pretty overwhelmed in the last week, with two amazing authors writing positively about Loomio.

Cory Doctorow wrote a piece for BoingBoing about Loomio in the context of a sci-fi novel he wrote several years ago about people in the future using technology to coordinate without hierarchy.


Douglas Rushkoff wrote a beautiful article for Shareable, describing why he’s so excited about Loomio and it’s potential to make democratic decision-making accessible.


Loomio was featured as the crowdfunding campaign of the week on Crowdsifter.

Elsewhere in the Twitterverse:

Jon Alexander, reporter for the Guardian and the Huffington Post:


Brett Scott, Author of The Heretic’s Guide to Global Finance: Hacking the Future of Money


Earlier this week Loomio was translated into Taiwanese Mandarin in a matter of hours, by a team of 19 translators who came together in response to calls for online tools for democratic organising in the student-led movement for government transparency in Taiwan.

  Taiwanese Mandarin

Interview series launched, more to come

Last week we launched a series of interviews with thought leaders at the intersection between technology, culture and politics, with a set of videos from Nancy White. Nancy has over 25 years of expertise in online communities, and is the co-author of Digital Habits.

Check out Nancy’s thoughts on leadership in technology, online diversity and the evolution of online communities.

Keep an eye out for the next of our interview series, we’ll be chatting with the Queen of Crowdfunding Amanda Palmer about her thoughts on the gift economy – to be released very soon!

Thanks so much for all your support, and please remember to spread the word to all your friends and family to Love Loomio!

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