Feature update: new group privacy settings

Yesterday we released a whole new system for managing the privacy of your groups. Now when you start a new Loomio group, you’ll get the following options:

Group settings page

Open access groups

As part of this feature, we’ve released the first version of ‘open access groups’. Setting your group to ‘open’ means that any Loomio user can join in immediately, without needing an invitation or approval.

New options, new language

We’ve tried to provide a comprehensive set of options without being too confusing. What do you think? Could it be clearer? We’ve had some really great feedback from the user community to get to this point – we’d love you to join the conversation if you have anything to add.

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Richard D. Bartlett

Loomio co-founder; open source hardware and software hacker; activist;

2 thoughts on “Feature update: new group privacy settings”

  1. Can we please have social media integration, plus some “decision-making aggregators” (as I call them) using a variety of statistical methods and rules (that can be easily customised by the user. Also a decision output facility (say, to a webpage or database) where the aggregated decisions are presented as decisions. That would be cool. Oh, and please don’t forget better social media, comment editing, and video linking either. :)

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