Case Study: GenZero

Generation Zero is a youth-led network of climate change activists who are campaigning to move New Zealand to carbon zero by 2050. They create conversations and actions to ensure that ‘today’s carbon bills get paid today’.


With a membership of over 3000 people, they decided to invite 80 of their most active members to make strategic decisions for the group in Loomio. Once decisions are made, they are relayed out to the wider group through social media.

Generation Zero use Loomio to brainstorm, test ideas, make decisions, obtain feedback, post FYIs for future activities and discuss issues that arise. Decisions that are made on Loomio inform their national campaigns and events.

Generation Zero has learned that when scaling decision-making to a large number of people, it can be a good idea to raise discussions early to get involvement at the fundamental stage. In other situations, a small working group preparing a tightly thought-out briefing document is the best way to open a hard discussion.

screen shot transport emissions

Loomio has enabled this community to maintain inclusivity and effectiveness while allowing a high degree of autonomy. Loomio lets this geographically spread-out network speak with a coherent voice.

Generation Zero want to make large-scale change in New Zealand in the climate arena – and we’re proud that they’re coordinating that change through Loomio.


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