Celebrating 2017 with new stories and features from Loomio

Hi folks, it’s Rich here, one of the Loomio co-founders. You haven’t heard from me for a while so I want to give you an update on what’s been happening this year. There’s been some incredible progress on the software, and I have a few stories to share after 9 months on the road too.  Continue reading Celebrating 2017 with new stories and features from Loomio

We’re Coming to the US for a Community Organising Workshop Tour

Rich and Nati from Loomio are coming from New Zealand to join US-based team member MJ for a workshop tour across the States. We’re keen to meet with organisers who are interested in working non-hierarchically: whether they’re in cooperatives, startups, communities, collectives, NGOs or corporations.

We’ve been engaged in the craft of non-hierarchical organising for more than five years, starting with Occupy in 2011, co-founding Loomio (a worker coop building software for collective decision-making) and Enspiral (a network of dozens of social enterprise startups and tech-for-good projects). We’re woven into a global community of folks pioneering new ways of working, from ‘agile’, ‘holacratic’ and ‘teal’ organizations, to diffuse activist networks in Hungary, Spain, and Taiwan.

We’re working with local partners across the country to host workshops to share the challenges and delights of non-hierarchical, inclusive, intersectional, collaborative, horizontal organising. If you want to work with us to host a workshop, you can find out more here.


We’ll update this post as we finalise the schedule. Here’s what we currently have booked:

Help wanted

If you want to support this mission, there are a couple ways to help:

  • Introduce us to organisers who would really benefit from spending a few hours exploring more sustainable ways of working inclusively. We’re keen to meet with anyone interested in working non-hierarchically: whether they’re in cooperatives, startups, communities, collectives, NGOs or corporations, we will be doing a camping event as well, we already got all we need from the Survival Cooking site.
  • Spread the word about the workshops!
  • Donate to help us keep moving.


We’ll be blogging to share what we’re learning. Here are the most recent posts from the road:

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Delight in Uncertainty…. Gulp.

Stories from the Road

Loomio Co-op Member and Director MJ Kaplan has been all over the US in recent months, at conferences exploring impact, collaboration, the economy, the future of work, and more.

screen-shot-2016-11-30-at-3-25-14-pmI was invited to New York by Coburn Ventures, a unique investment firm that is passionate – maybe even obsessed – with understanding complex, deep transformation in the world.  They convened a diverse group of 100 people to explore, reflect and reimagine the dynamics that affect investment and, more broadly, are influencing how we live and work. Continue reading Delight in Uncertainty…. Gulp.

Upcoming events in Wellington & special offer for local organisations

Friday Dec 2, 4:00 PM
Documentary Screening: A New Economy

Join us for the New Zealand Premiere of an inspiring new film featuring Loomio alongside other cooperative organisations.

“What if working together for the good of all was the most common business model? Watch, as several organisations strive towards building a more cooperative future.”


Friday Dec 2, 7:00 PM
Loomio’s 5th Birthday Party

Join us in our new office at 17 Garrett Street (level 2), to celebrate the journey of the last five years, and look forward to the next five years.

Doors open at 7PM. At 7:30 we’ll have a few words from the team.


Tuesday Dec 6, 11:30 AM
Free Training Workshop

Let us help you get the most from Loomio! We go over the basics of setting up your group, onboarding and engaging group members, and using proposals to build shared understanding. Learn how other groups are using Loomio, and tips to help improve your group’s collaboration experience.

Special Offer for Local Organisations

Successful team collaboration and stakeholder engagement online takes skill and experience. In partnership with a network of consultants and experienced online facilitators, Loomio offers a customised services tailored to your needs.

How Loomio helped Statistics New Zealand with citizen engagement around the national census.

Following the recent earthquakes we stayed out of our office while safety checks were carried out, like most in Wellington.  However, apart from feeling a bit shaken, we were able to maintain business continuity through online collaboration. If you have been displaced and would like to know how to stay productive together even if you’re unable to meet physically.

 Check Out Loomio

News November 2016: Imagine if Elections Worked More like Loomio

It’s been quite a month…

Here in New Zealand we’ve been shaken by a 7.5 earthquake, while the world has been shaken politically.

Alanna Krause
Loomio co-founder Alanna

Luckily our team is safe after the quake, apart from a couple things knocked off shelves. A lot of people are feeling knocked off balance in their understanding of the world right now, and we’re right there with you.

Real social change doesn’t come from going to the polls once every few years. Nor does it come from clicking around social media in polarised bubbles. It comes from feeling heard enough that you’re open to changing your mind. It comes from really knowing and committing to each other as fellow citizens and human beings.

How might it be different if elections were more like Loomio, with a context box, an abstain option, and a block button? Imagine a constructive deliberation, where you changed your position through really listening to others. Imagine if we considered the whole pie chart…. Continue reading News November 2016: Imagine if Elections Worked More like Loomio

Ours To Hack and To Own: a Review

Platform cooperativism is the radical idea that the internet would do more good if its major properties were democratically owned and governed.

The Platform Cooperativism conference is coming up this month in NYC: the second major gathering of this emerging new movement attempting to reboot the internet as if workers rights mattered. In preparation for the event, Trebor Scholz and Nathan Schneider (the movement’s two daddies) have launched a new collection of essays on the topic: Ours To Hack and To Own.

“Put it on the blockchain” is no substitute for a critical analysis of power.

We reviewed the book review here…

Loomio at the White House, Democracy at Work, Collaboration Stories, and Our Dynamic Org Chart

We got a shout out at the White House!

Loomio has been picked as part of a suite of tools promoted by Together We Work, a campaign to empower young workers to take collective action. Together We Work was launched at the White House event in an inspiring and optimistic message of change from Carmen Rojas, CEO of The Workers Lab.

Screen Shot 2016-10-12 at 10.24.24 AM.png


Democracy at Work is a non-profit that works to democratize the workplace, as a viable solution for a new and better economic system. We’re proud to be a D@W co-op partner!

Read the first of a two-part profile of Loomio by D@W – interview of Alanna from Loomio, by Betsy Avila.

“We want to have impact with our product, but we also think the way we’ve structured our company and how we work is part of our social mission.” …read more

Stories from the forefront of collaboration

screen-shot-2016-10-12-at-11-00-09-am How the FairShares Association Makes Better Decisions with Inclusive, Democratic Processes: Rory Ridley-Duff on reflecting a new vision of governance in structures for online collaboration.
Could the users buy Twitter and turn into a co-op? There’s a #buytwitter movement underway, and they’re organising on Loomio.

screen-shot-2016-10-12-at-11-03-06-amSix Circles for Harmless Organising: A rough cut of a talk that co-founder Rich Bartlett is developing to explain some of the cultural forms we use to organise without bosses.

Our Dynamic Org Chart

Every quarter, the Loomio co-op members collectively set objectives, and then self-organise into working groups to achieve them. If you’re curious about how all this works, read more in the Co-op Handbook.


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Loomio Co-op Handbook, New Plan Upgrades, & Media Stories

Launched: Loomio Co-op Handbook

We open source not only our software code, but our organisation too. Our impact mission is about democratic engagement, inclusive participation, and equitable collaboration, so that’s how we work as a company internally.

See our handbook: http://loomio.coop

VIDEO: Co-founder Alanna launches the co-op handbook and talks about “Open Source Organisational Development” at the Open Source // Open Society Conference

Upgraded plans!

The free version of Loomio offers unlimited users and decisions. But did you know about the great premium features available on our upgraded plans?

  • The Standard Plan offers Slack integration and your own custom domain name.
  • The Pro Plan gives you up to 10 groups, with data analytics and export features.

See all the details on our pricing page.

From now on, we’re phasing out free trials. Instead, everyone will start on the free plan and upgrade when ready. If you’re on a trial, you’ll be automatically moved to the free plan on September 19, unless you decide to upgrade.

News & Stories Featuring Loomio

vicemagFiguring Out the Freelance Economy
“Maybe, when equality is its premise, work need not be segregated from life, from the ambitions and needs of our actual selves.”

yesmag A New Economic Vision That Mixes Together Occupy, Amish Culture, and Startups
“What subcultures offer us insight and principles for new ways of organizing?”

Loomio partner event in Wellington

chelsearustrumMoving from the sharing economy to the shared economy

Free! September 19, 4:30PM

Chelsea Rustrum is the author of It’s a Shareable Life, the founder of a social and educational series in the Silicon Valley, dubbed The Sharers. Her current interest is in how the sharing economy can be integrated into value distribution models, which share ownership amongst the value creators themselves.


OS//OS is going to be awesome! 🍌

We’re super excited about contributing to the upcoming OS//OS open source, open society conference. OS//OS is in its second year and a big gathering of people from across business, technology and government sectors to collaborate, learn from each other and extend the impact of open technology in our workplaces, our organisations and our society.

Some of our maximum favourite humans are going to be there, including these three:

Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 9.34.30 AM.png

Check out the conference and grab your ticket here.

Loomio @ OS//OS

We’ll be hosting a collaboration clinic at the conference for all our Loomio users and interested people on the ground floor of the conference. Loomio consultants will be on hand to help you work out great ways of using Loomio to build participatory team culture and tips and tricks for making better decisions together online.

Loomio can be super helpful if you’re:

  • Managing a growing team or office.
  • Leading a project team across any kind of technology
  • Building a startup team.
  • Working on a board or advisory group.
  • Developing policy or working in civic engagement.

We’re looking forward to seeing you at the conference – come find us on the ground floor under the big Loomio sign and let’s help you make better decisions together.

See you there!

New Website, New Features, & UN Youth on Loomio

Our New Website is Live!

We brought together everything we’ve learned about communicating the value of Loomio in a simple compelling way, and combined it with visually engaging illustrations. We’ve highlighted amazing stories of people using Loomio around the world, and made help content and other resources way easier to find.


Any time you go to www.loomio.org you’ll see the new site. If you are already a Loomio user and you want to get to your discussions and decisions, just click “log in”. If there’s someone in your life who you think should know about Loomio, show them the new website!

New Features

We listened to your feedback, and made some updates to Loomio we think you’re going to love.

Continue reading New Website, New Features, & UN Youth on Loomio

How Loomio raised ethical investment and made our social mission even stronger

The last few years have been quite a journey for Loomio. This is a story about navigating the world of startup financing to find ethical investment that works for a truly mission-driven tech company with big ambitions.

So many social enterprises face challenges finding the right capital model. We want them to know that there are amazing values-aligned investors out there, who are prepared to put their investment where their values are. Bold impact investors who put social impact first sometimes feel alone, but we want them to know that they’re not – they’re part of a growing movement.

We want to share our story to reach other purpose-driven startups, and other impact investors like the inspiring folk we’ve met along the way. More than anything, we want our mission-aligned capital raising story to become a more common one.  Continue reading How Loomio raised ethical investment and made our social mission even stronger

Everyone on the New Loomio

We’ve reached the final step in the process of switching everyone over the the new and improved Loomio interface. We’re now so confident that all our users will have a good time on Loomio 1.0 that we’re getting ready to turn off Loomio Beta, the previous prototype version that some legacy users are still on.

Here’s what you need to know. Continue reading Everyone on the New Loomio

Digital Collaboration in the Middle East

It’s been devastating to watch as the conflict in Syria has escalated into the biggest humanitarian crisis of our generation. For those of us far away from the area, it’s frustrating not knowing how we can help. So when Rich from Loomio stumbled across an U.S. American activist working with Syrian refugees in Turkey, he reached out.

emmi2Emmi Bevensee is an anarchist, participatory activist and writer living in Turkey. She works with NGOs and is deeply connected with Syrian and Lebanese activists. She was interested in how Loomio could help improve the way these groups work.

My communities are in unique high-risk and high-impact positions around such issues as civil society involvement in peace processes amidst a raging revolution turned proxy war, women’s activism and organizing across the country and neighbouring areas.

I saw that Loomio could be an invaluable tool for these communities. A natural fit for their dynamic participatory decision making processes, and made by a group of people with values that I can trust.

Unfortunately, there’s one major barrier preventing these refugee support groups from using Loomio: until now, the software has never been translated into Arabic.

IMG-20160308-WA0010Through Emmi’s networks we connected with Yazan Alhajali, an Arabic translator from Syria. He works on international development, is a member in the Syrian feminist organization Nasawyia and has been engaged in the civil social movement in Syria for the past 4 years.

He very quickly got on board and after a week of work, Loomio is now fully translated into Arabic!

We’re looking forward to sharing the stories of the groups that will start using it soon. If you know of any Arabic-speaking groups that have been waiting to use Loomio, let them know they can start a group now!

❤ from Nati
Loomio translation coordinator

Major Breakthrough in Online Democracy: Loomio ❤ Emojis!

OMG! They’re here!

We’ve been having a Mad Science kind of summer. One of our most exciting experiments has just bubbled out of the lab and into the wild. Announcing… EMOJIS!

more emojis

We’ve been thinking about how to make Loomio a facilitator’s paradise: that means people should have fun while they’re collaborating. Emojis let you spice up your text with colour and personality, which means people can find a picture to express themselves better than words.

Wherever you see the little smiley face icon, you can insert an emoji into the text:

inserting a frog emoji into a comment

We’re using the EmojiOne image set, which means there are 1619 new icons to choose from, with more coming all the time.

Currently emojis work in comments, votes, discussion contexts, proposal descriptions, and proposal outcomes. Next up we’ll get them working in thread titles and proposal titles.

And who knows where this feature will go next – we’ll have to wait for more mad science…

Get started with Loomio

Loomio News for September 2015

Spring has sprung :)

Hi friends! Spring has arrived here in Aotearoa and it is gorgeous! We’ve got a lot of juicy stories to share this month:

mix T

For the past few weeks Alanna, Mix and Derek have been prototyping the future in an abandoned French castle. They’ve been teaching the crew over there about collaboration under pressure. Here’s Mix demonstrating How to use your hands as the ultimate communication tool.

Now that spring is rolling in, we’re poking our heads up like daffodils and looking ahead to a sunny future. Last week we held an excellent strategy-crafting session as a team, which you can read about here. We’ve been thinking about how the new Loomio fits in with the wider ecosystem of collaboration tools:

success factors

And here’s a couple of stories from further afield:

  • Mike O’Keeffe writes about the potential for Loomio to be used in collaborative bird identification, which is traditionally a highly solitary pursuit.
  • ABC News recently screened this incredible story (video + transcript) about the young radicals in Spain who occupied city squares in 2011 and have now made their way into the city halls: Yes We Can!

Loomio has been a small but significant part of this new political moment in Spain. It’s so inspiring to see friends of ours taking the energy of the streets and using it to revitalise the democratic institutions in that country.

That’s it for another issue of Loomio News, have a great week!

❤ much love from Rich
on behalf of the whole Loomio whānau

Loomio News for August 2015

Here’s a quick update with all the latest news from Loomio land for August :)

Participatory democracy sneaking into Utah

utahCivicist (the new civic tech blog from the folks at Personal Democracy Media) published this excellent piece about the Provo People’s Lobby: a collaboration between Loomio, NationBuilder, and the City of Provo, Utah.

Collective intelligence

animated cat gifLoomio co-op member Simon Tegg asks: is watching this cat gif more fun than contributing to a collective intelligence project?

Open source eco-hacking

Three of the Loomio co-op members are currently en route to POC21 in France. They are going to be supporting the teams there to develop collaborative practices to sustain their amazing open source eco-hacking projects :)

Connecting open source technologies

CollabForge explain the technological wizardry that allowed them to connect their collaboration platform Collabco with Loomio. They stitched the tools together for the Shape RMIT project: a massive collaborative strategy-setting process for RMIT University.

Highlights from the blog

Collaborating online and off

discussion turns into actionMix wrote this exquisitely illustrated article explaining how you can weave collaborative processes together online and in person.

A caring organisation

Caring Work - illustration by Lance RavenswoodHere’s a story I wrote explaining how we look after each other at Loomio: Feelings, magic and gendered work: processes, policies and structures for caring organisations.

Design for developers

We recently hosted a session at Enspiral to explain how we approach user experience design at Loomio. There’s video, notes, and slides on the blog here.

That’s it for another issue of Loomio News. Join the mailing list to receive Loomio News right in your email inbox (roughly) once a month.

Thanks for your ongoing support!
Much love from all the Loomions in Aotearoa New Zealand, France and the USA.

❤ from Rich

Evolution @ Aroha

We recently returned from one of our biannual strategy weekends.

Loomio team

The good folks from Kiwi Connect very generously hosted us in the beautiful Aroha Valley for three days of deep connection and strategic thinking.

We started by zooming 20 years into the future, envisioning the world we want to help create in 2035. With that in mind, we then asked: what do we need to achieve within 3 years? and within 3 months?

This work is complex, challenging, and intense, but we came out the other side with renewed clarity about where we’re heading, and how we’re going to get there.

Design for Developers

how to make a good app without wearing a turtleneck

Rich has been doing a lot of design work for Loomio lately. Today he hosted a session at Enspiral Space to explain his design process, you can read some product guides here.

The presentation was primarily targeted at an audience of software developers, but will interest anyone looking for a complete ecommerce redesign to their website.

The recording includes a 30 minute presentation from Rich followed by Q&A.

Slides available here.

Resources mentioned in the talk:

Peter’s notes from the session:
Peter's notes

Derek’s notes from the session.

Feel free to reach out to Rich on Twitter: @richdecibels

Heaps of exciting news from Loomio HQ :)

A quick update from Rich at Loomio HQ to let you know how things are going.

More than 86,000 people have joined Loomio, making more than 28,000 decisions in nearly 100 countries, so it’s feeling like we’re really starting to have some impact in the world!


At the end of last year we announced the first “early access” to the new version of the software (Loomio 1.0) to crowdfunding backers. Since then a big focus of the work has been on accessibility: we’re working with an international community of people with different disabilities to make sure Loomio 1.0 is going to be the most accessible discussion platform on the web.

Here’s me talking about how we’re making Loomio work for blind people

This has been a tremendous experience for me personally, especially learning how blind people navigate the web and how a small effort on the part of people building technology can make a huge difference to some people’s quality of life.

Heading for launch…

We’re progressively bringing more and more people onto the new software, iteratively improving the usability of the platform with each new batch. We’re working towards a public launch date later this year, which will be a major push to announce ourselves to the world in a big way.

We want to be in a financially sustainable position before we invite millions of people to get on board. To that end, we’ve been developing relationships with impact foundations in the US who support social good projects like this. Nothing is signed yet, but I can say we’re feeling optimistic about our prospects :)

Advisory Council


We’re also supremely honoured and excited to introduce our Advisory Council, some of the brightest minds in democracy and tech internationally:

Travel stories

A man walking down a narrow alley in Taiwan
Photo credit: Yuwei Liu / 劉毓惟

One of the benefits of doing this work is that we get invited to talk to all kinds of different groups around the world.

Here’s Alanna talking introducing Loomio to the Mix Mashup in New York, a gathering of “management innovators—pioneering leaders, courageous hackers, and agenda-setting thinkers from every realm of endeavor.”

And while Alanna was in the States talking to the management innovation community, I was in Taiwan talking to some young radicals about the future of democracy. Here’s a blog post and video from my trip.

And finally here’s Ben at the Skoll World Forum, discussing the Future of Work on a panel with Bettina Warburg from the Institute for the Future and David Jones from Microsoft. It highlights a very interesting divergence between Loomio’s vision of the future where people can use open source technologies to co-create a more sustainable equitable world, and Microsoft’s vision of a future where proprietary software makes the status quo a little more convenient.

Thank you so much for supporting this vision! It’s an ambitious journey, but it’s great to know we’re travelling together with such an amazing community of supporters like you.

♥ with infinite love and gratitude,

from Rich, on behalf of the whole Loomio Co-op

g0v Summit 2014: Taiwan and the future of democracy

gov summit

Loomio co-founder Richard D. Bartlett asks ‘what is the government of the future?’

I had the immense honour of being invited to participate in the g0v Summit in Taipei last year. The Summit was basically a chance for 700 people to get together and discuss the future of democracy, and hack on some projects that might help us get there faster.

Here’s a video of my talk, describing some of my experiences over the past couple years and reflecting on the question: what is the government of the future? (Transcript printed below.)

It was a huge privilege to collaborate with a wide array of amazing people and organisations that I had admired from afar, like the activists from the Sunflower Movement that occupied Parliament in Taiwan; occupiers from the Umbrella Movement in Hong Kong; Clay Shirky, academic, author, and speaker; the mySociety crew, who basically invented the idea of civic tech in the UK ten years ago; respectable troublemaker David Eaves; and of course Audrey Tang and Chia-liang Kao, some of the prominent figures of the g0v community.

Of course it was a great opportunity to meet new collaborators from all over the world too, like Ciudadano Inteligente from Chile, Team Popong in Korea, Sinar in Malaysia and Open State in the Netherlands.

Photo credit: g0v

Using a combination of online technology and offline agitation, each of these projects push for greater transparency, accountability, and participation in government for regular citizens. It was delightful to see this highly distributed, autonomous network of projects all approaching this challenge with a high degree of coherence, and very little explicit coordination.

In addition to working with these great people, I also got the chance to learn a bit more about the political context in Taiwan from some of the young radicals, jaded journalists, suave diplomats and community organisers I spent time with. Continue reading g0v Summit 2014: Taiwan and the future of democracy

Loomio is Co-Hosting the Open Source // Open Society Conference

Loomio is co-hosting the Open Source // Open Society conference, April 16/17 in Wellington, New Zealand, alongside GitHub, Chalkle, and Enspiral. Get your ticket and join us at the event!

We are extremely excited about this event because openness is a defining aspect of everything Loomio is about. Our mission is to enable a more open world, where transparency and accessibility in decision-making is the new normal. The work of being open is never finished, but openness has been one of our key values right from the start.

The question of the conference is What is Open?:

The recent move towards openness in the digital world was enabled by the Internet, as the most powerful communications infrastructure that has ever existed, which was built on free and open source software. This digital movement taps into the underlying human urge for openness that has always existed. OS/OS is a celebration of efforts to consciously reverse practises that deny people the right to share, to participate, to collaborate. We celebrate “the commons”, both physical and virtual, and work to improve commonly-held resources that benefit all.

Loomio’s software is of course open source (fork us on GitHub!). We have also open sourced our internal company handbook, about how we organise democratically as a worker-owned cooperative. We practice open collaboration with our enthusiastic user community, seeking their input on everything from new feature development to our financial model. We are open about our story and our roadmap.

OSOS Invitation Image

Continue reading Loomio is Co-Hosting the Open Source // Open Society Conference

Participate in a study on collective intelligence!

Loomio has received a small grant from Catalyst to help Litemap and Assembl develop their collective intelligence tools. These tools enable users to map the structure of a discussion and visualise the connections between people, thought and action.

If you’re interested in participating please fill out this form.

Participants will use Loomio, Litemap, and Assembl to map out the discussion theme of “what should web-based tools for direct democracy look like in the future?”. We hope to gain a comprehensive view of this theme and insight into the best practices for generating collective intelligence online.

collective intelligece
from https://blogs.commons.georgetown.edu/cctp-797-fall2013/archives/699

Continue reading Participate in a study on collective intelligence!

Taiwan’s Ministry of Economic Affairs to host National Energy Conference Public Engagement on Loomio

Translated from The China Times. Thank you to Audrey Tang and Finjon Kiang!

The Ministry of Economic Affairs, R.O.C. (MoEA) announced that the National Energy Conference is to be held Jan 26, 27. To follow the trends of collecting voices on the internet in nowadays, MoEA plans pre-conference discussions on the internet between Jan 14 – 20.

They chose Loomio as the platform, for an interactive mode like both the National Conference on Economic and Trade Affairs and the Youth Housing Forum have used. They will collect more comments from the internet as references for the main assembly at the National Energy Conference.

Continue reading Taiwan’s Ministry of Economic Affairs to host National Energy Conference Public Engagement on Loomio

It’s here! Get your sneak peek of Loomio 1.0!

Well folks it has been an incredible few months and today is a very special day: we’re inviting everyone (starting with those who supported our crowdfunding campaign) to come in and check out a ‘pre-release’ version of Loomio 1.0.


It’s still rough around the edges but it’s starting to feel like a real app, so we wanted to share it now and get some early feedback. If you want to check it out, you’ll need a Loomio Beta account (go to loomio.org/community and join the group). Then once you’re logged in, you can access the new app by visiting loomio.org/angular.

Loomio app screenshot

This project has always been community-driven, so we’d love to include your ideas in the mix. If you have any thoughts and feedback about the new designs, jump into this thread and let us know what you think.

We’ve got another three weeks of intensive development ahead of us, so you can expect a lot of progress before the end of the year. Then we’ll take all the early feedback into consideration, and pick up again after the holiday break, aiming for a general public release of Loomio 1.0 next year. (Maybe we should have another launch party…) Continue reading It’s here! Get your sneak peek of Loomio 1.0!

The Home Stretch: 30 days until we bring the first early access users onto Loomio 1.0!

Home page - wall feed sectionWe went out to the Loomio Community asking for feedback on the new designs for mobile/phone and desktop/tablet. In addition to some excellent suggestions for improvements on the designs, you told us you loved them! We can’t wait to release the new user interface at the end of November.

We’re on track to deliver on all the commitments to our lovely crowdfunders!

  • Mobile – Loomio 1.0 will work great on all your devices
  • Safe – Docker will make it a lot simpler to host your own instance (check out some great new documentation about this on our Github wiki)
  • Accessible – We’re working with accessibility experts, getting user testing feedback, making sure the software works with assistive technology, and more (supported by a grant from the Namaste Foundation, too!)
  • Easy – The new Loomio 1.0 interface is intuitive, simple, and delightful (well, we think it is and hope you agree!)

We’re in the process of delivering the rewards people claimed as crowdfunding backers. If you’re due to receive one, you’ll be hearing from us soon. You can also look forward to a refreshed Loomio homepage, updated help page, and more, all coming together by the end of November.

To stay current with Loomio software development progress, you can always check out the roadmap, which is now IN SPACE! Continue reading The Home Stretch: 30 days until we bring the first early access users onto Loomio 1.0!

September update from Loomio HQ

Another month has flown by, with some more huge progress in Loomio land:

Software updates

Loomio-Beta-on-mobileMobile Loomio, oh my goodness!

Huge news – Loomio Beta finally works beautifully on your mobile phone! Participate in decisions from anywhere. This first iteration is still a bit rough around the edges, but it is giving us a lot of valuable feedback as we prepare for Loomio 1.0. Continue reading September update from Loomio HQ