Loomio on ReadWriteWeb

Joe Brockmeier has written a really great review/introduction to Loomio over on ReadWriteWeb.

If adopted a bit more widely, Loomio might help take distributed teams to a new level – much like GitHub has helped with development. It is a simple concept, but bringing order to decision-making could help teams communicate better and make better decisions, no matter where they happen to be located.

Loomio mentioned on the Simply Social Media blog

Loomio mentioned on the Simply Social Media blog

Queenstown is the place you get to “see the planet on steroids”, and I have the privilege of going there a couple of times a year to tutor and run workshops on social media.

This year I look forward to speaking to  the power and potential of social media to make us more efficient, by degrees of magnitude – and I don’t mean making it easier to sell widgets.

As we come to understand that we are either part of the problem, or part of the solution, we may also sense that we’re being called to collaborate, which brings with it all kinds of new challenges. Fortunately lots of people are designing tools to help meet these challenges.