Sneak peek into the future of Loomio

Hey there, Jon here, from the Loomio product team. I’ve been working pretty hard on some new designs for Loomio, and thought it’d be nice to share with everyone.

There are three things the new designs are trying to accomplish:

  1. Make Loomio nicer and easier to use. This means things should always be self-explanatory, and you should never feel overwhelmed by too much activity.
  2. Make Loomio work well on mobile phones.
  3. Make it easier to navigate through discussions and find what you’re interested in.

All the designs are just “mockups” at this point and subject to change. But they’ll give you a good idea of where we’re headed. Most of the mockups were done mobile first, but they all scale up to desktop as well.

It’s been a great opportunity to think about the design of our app holistically instead of one feature at a time.


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